Southern hospitality: "Showing graciousness, kindness, and warmth to others." 


I am pleased to support you with graciousness, kindness, and warmth in your transactions. It would be my delight to assist you in one of the largest and most important decision of your life.  A Realtor® is a life transition facilitator and I want to help make that transition smooth.

I was born and raised in San Angelo, TX and after graduating from Baylor University in 2007 with a BA in Political Science I moved to Northern Virginia to find a job in a related field.   I quickly fell in love with and found my niche in GIS or Geographic Information Systems.

 I attended George Mason University where I received a Graduate Certificate in Geoinformatics and Geospatial Intelligence in 2011. 

 We chose Real Estate because we have hearts of service and want to serve those in our community. Jonathan and I truly believe Realtors®  are community servants.  We invest time into supporting or local community and fellow citizens.