The Burkes

It all started when...

Burke Family Card

When Jonathan and Kristi met, it was an unlikely circumstance.  Jonathan was a single father, raising a daughter, and had seen Kristi at work, where they were both government contractors.  Jonathan, who has always been a jokester, leaned over to his friend and said, "See that girl over there, I'm going to marry her."  His friend replied, "Dude, you don't even know her... and you are too scared to say anything!" In less than a year, they were married.  If you asked Jonathan, Kristi is far more than just a wife... She is truly his better half.  In 2015, she added the next addition to their family, Jackson.  They are just like any other family, we try to cook dinner at home, and it turns into drive through.  They balance the school, business, church, family, extended family, friends, and so on, that we all face.  They love what they do and are passionate about the very motivation behind it... Helping others.