The things that are most important to me are my family and friends. I'm in the 6th grade at Drew Middle School, and so far my favorite classes are history and homeroom. I am also on the student council, and am in chorus. I love watching Glee, and PLL. Also I could spend HOURS on YouTube !

 I love hanging out with my friends!  After a long day of school, I try to catch up with my friends that go to Dixon-Smith Middle School, since I don't get to see them at school. I have so many amazing friends that I have been blessed with, so many I won't even have enough room for all of them... but guys you know who you are! Love Ya !

I love New York City, all of its craziness, the expensive stores, and the loud sounds! Its probably my favorite place to visit in the country. 

I love hanging out with my family, there are so many more Burkes than there are on this site. I spend the most time with my cousins, Aunt and Uncle. But I love spending time with ALL my fam.