Family , Friends , Singing , naya , and new york City!

The things that are most important to me are being a great big sister, a good daughter, and my dreams of being on Broadway !  I'm in the fifth grade at Conway Elementary, and I'm also in chorus.  I love watching Glee ,  Alisha Marie ( YouTube ) , and Life With Boys .

 I love hanging out with my best friends from school Gracie          ( Kaylin ), and  Savannah. I love spending time with my cousins Ainsley and Josiah. 

I love New York City , all of its craziness , the expensive stores , the loud sounds , and well pretty much every thing ! I plan to live there once I have a very good job and money saved . 

Naya Rivera is my favorite actress . She did the best job playing Santana Lopez on Glee and has an amazing voice !

Apocalipsticks for life!  Love you Gracie and Savannah !